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wild mothering | liberated womanhood | sacred arts | revillaging | nourish with the land

What is Matriarch?

Matriarch is Community for Wild Women on all Paths.

Here, we explore nourishing traditions for the soul, revillaging our communities, centering and supporting mothers, connecting with our ancestors, living in communion with nature, sharing joy, moving through loss, creating with the divine arts, remembering with sacred song, honoring ancient plant medicine, reclaiming blood mysteries, unearthing death ritual, making magic, birthing at home in sovereign power, upholding body autonomy and freedom, parenting with conscious intention, homeschooling and unschooling our children, magnetizing money, cultivating change, gathering in a non-hierarchal way, decolonizing our minds and the land, respecting underserved voices, healing in every form, manifesting our legacy, freeing our energy, and liberating all souls.


Join now to find your sisters, awaken your power, expand & evolve with intention, & alchemize your life!

Join Us!

Matriarch is a Midwest based collective space on unceded land of the Kiikaapoi, Peoria, Bodéwadmiakiwen, Miami, Očeti Šakówiŋ, Illinois, and Potawatomi.

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